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7 Generations Strong

Martin Harrison Parks started this woodworking business on the Miller's river back in 1827 making wooden barrel covers.  The business transitioned into spools for the textile and tire cord industries, then utilizing the company's turning abilities, furniture turnings became the primary product, which then led to chair making in the late 1960s.  Todd Parks, the 7th generation, transitioned the company further into case goods, tables, and occasional furniture.  7 Generation family owned and operated since 1827.


We utilize both time honored manufacturing methods, as well as modern machining techniques.  Our factory includes two 6 axis CNC routers, a 4 axis router, CNC tenoner, six back knife lathes, two Madison lathes, laser engraver, and all necessary sanding equipment, assembly and finishing to fit almost any project needs. 

Many of the machines, including both 6 axis routers and CNC tenoner were built in-house.  To see some of our custom builds and those machines in action, see our Machine Builds page.

Production or Projects

MH Parks can handle a wide range of projects.  We operate in a few market areas including residential furniture, commercial furniture, contract furniture, and recognition chairs.  We primarily work sell through retailers, are OEM suppliers to other manufacturers, and work commercial projects with designers or architects and have the ability to run production products as well as made to design customs.   We have done custom projects from 50 to 700 chairs, plus tables, lecturns, cabinets, case goods, and occasional furniture.

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